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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stratton, 1588 State Street NE, (NR)

This 1886-88 vernacular style residence has a unique two-story rectangular bay window angling from the front corner. A white birch in the front yard has been designated as a Heritage Tree.
It was built for Charles C. Stratton, Methodist minister, Chancellor of Willamette University and husband of Julia Eleanor Waller, daughter of Alvin Waller. By 1894 it had been sold to William Lord who had a distinguished Oregon political career including governor (1895-1900) while he lived here. (His daughter was Elizabeth Lord, the landscape garden and designer.) It was also the home of the Waters family and Congressmen (1907-1933) W.C. Hawley , a former Willamette president.
In the 1930s-40s, it was transformed into 9 apartments. Restoration was begun in 1981 by owner Eric W. Olsen and it was approved for nomination to the National Register in 1984.
See 1992 photograph.

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