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Sunday, March 1, 2009

West/Klein, 2983 D Street NE, (D)

Original location at University and Oak Street

Present location on D Street

This house, located on the corner of Oak and University Streets, was the residence of the John G. West, father of Oswald West, later governor of Oregon. In the mid 1890s the house was sold to C. M. Beak and in 1898 to Mrs. A. Klein. The Kleins continued in ownership and residency through the early 1920s. Later owners were Harry and Lena Thorsen and then Epsilon Delta Mu, a Willamette University organization. It later returned to the private ownership of Bertha Brians, then Clifford and Agnes White. It was moved for the expansion of the Salem Hospital in the 1990s and is now renovated and relocated on D Street.

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