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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Falk, 210 Candalaria Blvd. S, (LL)

The Falk house was reportedly built by a member of the Fabritus Smith family. In 1891 Samuel A. Clarke is noted in the Salem City Directory as residing in this location. Clarke, who left Salem in 1898, is believed to have named his fruit farm "Candalaria". His 1909 obituary outlines his life in Oregon and his outstanding career as a nurseryman, author (Pioneer Days of Oregon History") and journalist. A later resident was Adam Ohmart, son-in-law of Fabritus Smith, who lived there in 1902. Long-time owners Conrad and Nellie Falk lived here in 1909; the Falks had a prune orchard on the property and continued to live there through the late 1940s.
(South Salem)

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