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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mott/Brown, 490 21st. Street NE, (LL)

A portion of property owned as early as 1887 by Dr. William S. Mott, the this lot was purchased in 1901 by Rebecca N. Shenafield. She and her husband, Isaiah Shenafield are recorded as living here the next year. In 1910 Charles E. and Margaret Brown bought the property; Mr. Brown was listed as a farmer and later was employed as an electrician for Pacific Telephone and Telegraph. Mr. Brown died c.1915 and Mrs. Brown continued to live here until 1937. Later owners were Ben and Vera Kastrica and Maurice and Rose Church. A long-time resident was Eva Roseberry, cannery worker from 1947 through the 1950s. See 1978 photograph.

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