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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Christopher Paulus, 1558 Church Street NE, (LL)

This was originally the home of Christopher and Elizabeth Paulus and their six sons, Robert, Fred, George, Otto, William, and Theodore. Christopher Paulus came to Salem in 1878 and in 1888 married Elizabeth Nees, a recent immigrant from Germany. They built this home in 1892. Paulus owned the J. K. Gill building on State Street and ran a saloon. He sold the saloon and established a building contracting business and was involved in the construction of many local structures.


Fritz Paulus, great grandson said...

Christopher Paulus owned the J K Gill Building at 10 State Street (not Commercial Street), which later housed such establishments as Videl's and Weber's Two. He lived upstairs above the saloon before building the house at 1558 Church Street. He sold the saloon but retained the building until his death.

Virginia Green said...

Thank you for the correction! I had the street right in one place and wrong in the other. Our friends live in the beautiful Robert Paulus house on Summer. Would that have been a son?

Fritz Paulus, great grandson said...

Yes, Robert C. Paulus was the son of Christopher Paulus and owner of the house you list on Summer Street. Robert was the founder and President of Paulus Brothers Packing in Salem, Oregon, which in the 1940's to 50's was the largest independently owned cannery on the west coast. My grandfather, William H. Paulus and great uncle George B. Paulus were the other brothers involved with business.

tngreenjr said...

Does anyone know if there is any map or chart showing the locations of former Salem canneries? Paul Gehlar and I are working on a project to bring attention to this part of our industrial history for the 2010 celebration of Salem's 150th anniversary as a city.

Fritz Paulus, great grandson said...

tngreenjr -
I know that the Paulus Bros. Packing Co. plant was first located at the corner of High and Trade Streets. The History of the Willamette Valley Willamette Valley, Oregon dated 1927 states the building was made of brick, two stories in height with a full basement, and contained 50,000 sq ft of floor space. The plant apparently had a capacity of 200,000 cases of canned goods per year and during the height of the season employed 200 people. The company was later moved its operations to a larger site at 14th and Oxford Streets, which is located south of Mission Street and east of the railroad tracks. I believe the shell of this building still stands today.