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Monday, February 23, 2009

Adolphson House, 870 D Street NE, (LL)

The first owners of this 1920 English Cottage style home were Albert and Doris Adolphson, proprietors of the Klasic Photo Shop who lived here until the late 1940s. Franklin and Doris Silkey were residents followed by Frank and Helen Lockman. The property was acquired by the State in 1959. It is now a part of the North Capitol Mall Heritage Park, a group of seven homes state-owed properties bordering the Mill Creek, south of D Street, between Summer and Winter Streets.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spelling the name correctly! My dad, Tom Adolphson, grew up in that house. I drove by today and noticed the sign (erected by the State) has re-named it The Adolfson House.

Virginia Green said...

I would appreciate communicating with you (anonymous member of Tom Adolphson's family) to learn more about the families who lived in this house and neighbors. It would just be for the historical records which are scanty.

Anonymous said...

hi Virginia, I would like to contact you, but I'm not sure how to email you directly-- without posting my email address in the published comments. Is there a place on the blog to find your email link? Thanks, Becky

Virginia said...